Kicking For The Dream

Colleen’s Dream Foundation’s signature fall fundraiser, Kicking For The Dream, was created by NFL Kicker Billy Cundiff as a way to bring together kickers, punters, and long snappers in the fight against ovarian cancer.

What is Kicking For The Dream and why should you participate?

Kicking for the Dream is about Dreamers who believe they can make a difference in the lives of all those affected by ovarian cancer. They do this by supporting Colleen’s Dream Foundation in their effort to fund research for early detection and improved treatment for ovarian cancer.

How does Kicking For The Dream work?

Kicking For The Dream enables kicking specialists from around the country to participate in raising awareness and revenues to help support early detection and advanced treatment research of ovarian cancer. This is done by allowing kicking specialists to create their own fundraising profile page on Kicking For The Dream.

How to create your fundraising profile page:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and create your profile page by following these steps. The guided page creation for a Dreamer can be completed in minutes in four guided steps. It’s as easy as checking Facebook. STEP 1: Select a web address. Dreamers can personalize your own URL. STEP 2: Upload a photo. Profile photos are displayed on fundraising site. STEP 3: Set your fundraising goal. STEP 4: Write and embed content. Text, video, and photos can be included to make the page personal. We offer some suggestions, but the majority of the message is crafted by you, the Dreamer
  3. Start spreading the word!

Pro Football Dreamers

The following specialist proudly support Kicking For The Dream:

Arena League Players That Participated in KFTD

NCS Associates

The following kicking coaches proudly support Kicking For The Dream: