Colleen's Journey

The Last Chapter…Make-A-Wish!!!

Dear Friends and Family:

You are all so unbelievable!!!! The continued support and love you send our way gives us the energy to carry on!

Thank you Michelle for your blog.  It is not easy to put your feelings out for public view but once again if our experience can help someone, then it is worth it.

To say that last week was probably the most difficult week we have shared as a family is truly an understatement. The roller coaster ride was out of control. And perhaps so was I!

Wednesday, when Michelle, Billie and I headed to Tucson, we were so hopeful about the clinical trial, which we know now I will not be able to particiapte. I do not carry the HLA marker.   Then to the pulmonologist who was leary of any invasive procedure, which of course means palliative care regarding my respiratory issues.  I then got a call from Sam, my oncology nurse at Az Cancer Center, who gave me the results of my CA-125 from earlier in the day, 1342!!!   How in hell can it rise from 511 to 1342 in just 3 weeks and with the god awful treatment of the Oxilaplatin!!!!

As I told the girls, tomorrow is going to be a better day and it was. We all dusted ourselves off and I had a breast biopsy the following morning and received the results the following day, BENIGN!!!
So things were looking up!!  

I did have a chest x-ray last Thursday and received a call from the pulmonolgist yesterday that he wanted to see me today.  Well, my lungs have filled again and I am currently sitting at Scottsdale Shea with Nicole and Caleb waiting to be called to get another thoracentesis.  I know after the procedure I will feel better and not so sort of breath!  The pulmonolgist suggested I have a drain put in after our return from Hawaii.    I will think about this.  My concern is always for the potential for infection.

I would like to just take a moment to extend our sincerest sympathy to a long time friend, Tim and Kim Donaldson.  Their son, Kevin, age 31 and recently married died suddenly in December.  Our hearts, love and energy reach out to you to help lighten the pain and grief of the loss of Kevin.

I wrote the above last Tuesday, January 8, 2013.  The next few days were filled with putting Christmas decorations away and just getting the house back to normal.

We, Nicole, Chloe, Luke, Caleb, Michelle, Pete, Blake, Billie, Kathy, Dan, Danielle and I headed for the airport on Thursday for our flight to Kaua’i.  Uneventful, but terribly long!! The kids kept busy with movies, still debatable whether Chloe, age 5, watched Magic Mike with Danielle?!  We have of course teased her mercifully (Danielle you know it could be a lot worse!).

Kaua’i is green, lush, rains off and on, quiet, slow moving and the sunrise each morning