Colleen's Journey

Kakahiaka (Good Morning)

It is a beautiful morning here in Hawaii.  Mom feels better than she has in several days.  She walked by herself to breakfast which is no small task at this point. 

Mom spoke with Dr. Chambers this morning who told her that if she wants to come home, today is her best shot to make it happen.  She has a small window of opportunity and it appears as though Mom has decided to jump on it.  She wants to head home and see George, as well as her much loved family and friends. 

My sisters are busy exploring her best option for traveling home.  As of now, our flight out is at 11:00 p.m. (HI time).  There are several disadvantages for her to take this flight.  Namely, the flight is late tonight and time is of the essence; there will be no medical staff on board in the event of an emergency; and she will not have very much room to make herself comfortable since sitting up is very difficult on her ability to breath and on her back (the cancer is sitting on her cervical spine all the way down through her thoracic spine).  They are also trying to figure out if insurance will cover the cost of a private medical flight home, please keep your fingers crossed.  This is her safest and most comfortable option to get home.  The last option would be to travel to Oahu to see if we can get on an earlier flight home.  This option has many of the same disadvantages as our flight tonight, but could potentially have her home earlier than our scheduled flight. 

We will keep you posted as her/our plans are sorted out.