Colleen's Journey


1000 mLs, yes, one whole liter, of fluid was drained from her left lung.  Mom is feeling so much better!  What is most concerning is the fact that the fluid built up in the left lung in only 48 hours.

Mom would like to come home tomorrow night if she feels well enough to take the flight.  The pulmonologist asked that she evaluate how she feels tomorrow and make a decision then.  He suggested she try walking the beach a little bit to see how she feels.  If her oxygen saturation levels drop, he asked her to be cautious.  He doesn’t want her to get half way over the Pacific and have trouble.

We will continue to keep you posted.  Thanks again for your continued support.



  • Anonymous

    All you Drury girls are so amazing. Thank you for having this blog. It helps everyone understand what is going on. I just want you to know you are all in my prayers.
    Margaret Ann