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High School Kicking Specialists Help Kicking for the Dream Raise Over $40,000 to Fight Ovarian Cancer in Its 2013 Fundraising Campaign

Kicking For The Dream

NFL kicker Billy Cundiff says he is “overwhelmed” by the help he received from high school kicking specialists, as Kicking For The Dream raises $40,981 in its 2013 fundraising effort.

“We are overwhelmed by the fundraising efforts of our high school participants,” says Cundiff. “These young men stepped up and got after it. They are an amazing example of making a difference in the lives of the women they love.”

Two high school kickers who helped Kicking For The Dream reach its 2013 fundraising goal were Luke Taylor and Joseph Giglio.

Taylor, who is a kicker at Black Hills High School in Tumwater, WA, says he first heard of Kicking For The Dream when he attended a Billy Cundiff kicking camp in Boise, ID. It was in between kicking lessons where Cundiff introduced the project–created to fight ovarian cancer–to the campers.

“I went to the camp with my mom,” says Taylor. “When he started talking about what he had to go through with his mother-in-law, I glanced over to my mom and knew I had to be involved. I couldn’t imagine what I would do if she had to go through this…so I knew I wanted to be part of this fund-raiser.”

Joseph Giglio, a kicker for the St. John’s College High School football team in Washington D.C., raised over $2,500 for Kicking For The Dream. He says it after meeting Cundiff at a kicking camp in Florida, he knew he needed to be a part of the project.

“I have always been a true fan of Billy Cundiff’,” says Giglio. “When I finally got the chance to meet him in Florida at a camp that he was helping coach, I heard him give a speech about his mother-in-law and ovarian cancer as a whole. After seeing how passionate Billy was about both kicking and helping women with ovarian cancer, I decided that this horrible illness needed as much attention and help as possible.”

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Cundiff says that bringing kicking specialists together -from every level- to join in the fight against ovarian cancer, is what Kicking For The Dream is all about. He says this year’s success just validates the project concept.

“Together, regardless of their background, and regardless whether they kick in high school, college or in the NFL, these kicking specialists raised a ton of awareness about ovarian cancer, and money for cutting edge research to fight this disease,” says Cundiff. “These guys are first class and we couldn’t be more honored to have them on our team.”

Cundiff says as impressive as the 2013 Kicking For The Dream team was, he believes the 2014 fundraising team will even be bigger.

“We expect the success of this year’s high school kickers will only serve to inspire other high school kicking specialists to join our effort next year,” says Cundiff. “This program is really taking off.”

Cundiff says all money raised by Kicking For The Dream goes directly to Colleen’s Dream Foundation, a foundation he and his wife Nicole started in 2012 as a result of his mother-in-laws’ battle with ovarian cancer. He says the 2014 fundraising effort will start in September to coincide with the NFL season.

About Colleen’s Dream Foundation:

Colleen’s Dream Foundation started in 2012 and supports research for early detection and improved treatment for ovarian cancer.

The story of Colleen’s Dream started in 2007 when Billy Cundiff’s mother-in-law, Colleen Drury, was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer. It was only then that Colleen and her family realized a new world that was filled with invasive surgery, harsh chemotherapy, and lots of uncertainty.

Colleen’s Dream Foundation believes it is important to raise money for research that will lead to reliable early detection testing and improved treatment for ovarian cancer.

Because so little is known about ovarian cancer in proportion to other women’s health issues, we have an incredible opportunity for research and education.

Colleen’s Dream is working with some of the top research hospitals and universities that are researching ovarian cancer. By offering seed funding to young investigators, the Foundation funds cutting-edge research by some of the brightest, young minds in the world.

Colleen’s Dream Foundation is a qualified 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization based in Phoenix, Arizona