Colleen's Journey

The Great Escape

Nicole asked that I update everyone. Angel Med Flight arrived and picked up the whole family!  They are real life angels.  This airplane has everything necessary to make sure Colleen is taken care of medically and comfortable.  They are flying straight to Scottsdale Airport. Once they arrive, she will be taken directly to the hospital for evaluation. Arrival time in Arizona is scheduled for 4:00 am- they left around 7 pm Hawaii time. Once the girls know more, they will update everyone.

Just like all of you, I have had to follow Colleen’s journey in Hawaii from a distance. Nothing makes me more sad than having her situation change so drastically. I left everyone to go back to San Francisco on January 6th. In ten days, Gigi has gone from dancing at OHSO with Chloe and Luke to needing the Angel Med Flight team to get her back to the mainland. 10 days! After talking to her on the phone tonight, she sounds tired. Still, she assured me that she will be waiting for me when I get back, whether that be a few days or a few weeks! Talk about real perspective. She is tired and still fighting. Everything else in life seems so trivial.

The support throughout this entire journey has carried the family and Colleen through some of the really hard times. I checked the stats for the blog and they tell an even more incredible story. Yesterday, the blog had 3,223 views. Today, so far there have been 2,493 views. The world is taking notice of this incredible woman and her journey. Please spread the word. She is an inspiration to all.


  • Anonymous

    I will continue to pray for you Colleen!! Love you!! Heather Wilson