Colleen's Journey

Coming Around the Mountain…

We are now day 4 post op from the pluerodesis mom had last Friday. The first couple of days were certainly the most painful. She was started on a narcotic called Fentanyl that was somewhat controlling her pain, but her awareness had decreased significantly and we were all pretty nervous about her ability to recover. Her drowsiness and pain were so overwhelming that she asked all visitors to refrain from coming to the hospital as it took all of her energy to be social. Yesterday, we had her switched from Fentanyl to Dilaudid (a different narcotic) and she appears to be much more alert. Sunday, mom had a CT scan as her physicians feared she may have pneumonia due to her spiking temperatures. We were so relieved when the CT scan came back negative, ruling out pneumonia. However, she was started on two antibiotics in case her temperature was increasing due to some other unknown infection. We are hoping to receive her cultures back tomorrow, ruling out all infection.

Monday, mom had an ultrasound to figure out if there had been any fluid build up in her left lung. The ultrasound revealed she only had 2cc’s of fluid. Thank goodness! Today, her chest tube was finally removed. Yay! She cried tears of relief when she no longer had to feel a tube inserted in to the lining of her lung. Her pain subsided even more and she was able chat for a while this afternoon. It appears we have turned a corner. 🙂

At this point we aren’t sure when she will be able to come home. The physicians want to see pain subside and her strength improve before they will release her. In the mean time, it is GREAT to see her more alert and see color returning to her face. I think we were all more than a little scared the last couple of days.

Mom will still need to make a decision about undergoing the pleurodesis on the left side. That will come with time and once she is better able to gauge the success of the surgery on the right.  We will keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time! We know everyone is excited to see her and your love is overwhelming!



  • Beth Wise

    Thank you, most wonderful daughters, for keeping us updated on your mom. I’ve known Colleen since the 80’s, the MAW days & she’s always been a hero to me. Sending love to all. Take care of yourselves, Donna & Kathy too.

  • julie schulz

    Dear Girls,

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on everything that is going on with your Mom. I have been skyping Carolyn in England to keep her updated. We are all concerned for Colleen and our prayers are with you all. You are all an inspiration to all of us. god bless, Julie

  • Jeanine Brannigan

    Thank you for the update and we will continue to keep Colleen in our thoughts and prayers. You all are an inspiration!

  • terry churchill-smith,

    Hi Colleen and all you beautiful girls,
    Thanks so much for all the updates on your Mum. I am so relieved to hear that Colleen is feeling better and gradually turning the corner.
    You are blessed with the BEST mum and she is the luckiest girl to have all your fantastic daughters.
    Colleen, not an hour goes by that I am not thinking of you. Love you , feel better soon, a thousand hugs for all of you. Terry

  • Imelda

    Keeping you in prayer Colleen, thank you for keeping us informed. God Bless, stay strong and courageous. xoxo

  • Connie and Les

    Hello and thank you for the update. We have been looking on the blog for two days and are happy to hear Colleen, that you are feeling better and that the damn tube was taken out of the lining of your lung!. We miss you so much and realize that having visitors is exhausting ..for sure!. We want you to know that we are thinking and praying about you constantly and have such great memories of our bike rides and laughter together. We cannot wait to see you and maybe we can do a small pub crawl in your honor of bravery and this relentless battle you are fighting. I am concerned about your pain and want to make sure that this is under control. Your beautiful daughters know you well and are “covering your ass quite well as far as I can tell”! (way to go ladies)…We are here if you need us but know you are in fantastic hands. Think sweet thoughts Colleen while you are healing..and let us know when we can come and give you a hug. God Bless YOU..xoxoxoConnie and Les

  • Paola Werstler

    i am so grateful colleen is improving. thank you for taking the time to share her days’ progress. much love to all og you! xo, paola

  • Annette Gubler Lake

    You girls have been your Moms anchor as much as she has been Yours. God be with all of you. All my love, Annette

  • judy cooper

    thinking about you all the time, colleen My thoughts are filled with huge amounts of love and positive wishes for your healing .. You all know how I feel about you, as an amazing family, with huge hearts and souls and pfabulous spitits Thank you for the honor of being able to be your friend I am there for you whenever you need me LOTSA LOVE Judy if anyone can be in touch, I would LOVE it Zie Gazunt & Shalom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo