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I’m grateful and humbled to be able to express my feelings about a woman that I’ve admired for the past thirty years. Colleen is so much more than a “sister-in-law.” She’s one of my dearest friends. My go-to for advice, always listening with her open heart & open mind. She’s my sister. Jeff & I have been lucky enough to watch Col’s girls grow up. So many fun & priceless moments. We’re in awe of the four amazing, intelligent, kind, and compassionate women she’s raised. They’re a testament to Colleen’s true character.

I try to be at Col’s house every day. Most of the time she’s sleeping, so I get to hangout with the girls, moments that I love & cherish. The best visits are when Col’s awake either lying in her bed or, even better, sitting at the dining room table. No matter how bad she feels (NEVER complaining) she still gives us that smile we all love, along with that sparkle in her beautiful blue eyes.

Since Colleen’s ovarian cancer diagnosis, over five years ago, Jeff & I have taken every opportunity to be with her. We’ve had so many laughs & way too much fun! Col continues to remind us how fortunate we’ve all been to have this gift of time. Jeff & I know this is true, but selfishly we want more. The thought of not seeing her beautiful face, hearing her infectious laugh, and listening to her witty comebacks is beyond comprehension.

We feel truly blessed to have Colleen in our lives. The conversations will continue with Col & we know she’ll be listening. Me, Jeff, & the entire Bootz family will hold the girls, their husbands, & their children so close to our hearts. We’ll give them more love and hugs then ever.

Thank you so much for continuing to read the blog & most importantly supporting our cause, Colleen’s Dream.


Jeff & Kaytie Bootz

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  • Danielle

    Love you Kaytie and Jeff!

  • Casee

    Well said Aunt Kaytie! Love you guys