Colleen's Journey


I wanted to let everyone know how things are going with Colleen.

This is a rough time for me personally because entirely too often my heart and my mind are at odds with each other. Anyone who has been through this type of situation before understands. At times, Colleen’s eyes light up and she is full of life.  While this is happening, I realize that she is short of breath while talking. She is in a hospital bed in her own room with oxygen going non-stop and a PCA pump is connected to her port. She tires easily and its a really good day if she can be wheeled out to the kitchen table for dinner. Like I said, her eyes tell one story, but her body is telling a different one.  Unfortunately, no matter what I may think or feel, the hospice doctors are very clear about Colleen and her prognosis.  Ovarian Cancer has the upper hand.

With that said, visiting hours this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) will be 1-2 pm. Many people have inquired about visiting, so we wanted to make sure that everyone knew what the situation will be for the weekend. Colleen can handle some short visits, but she tires easily when she has to talk a lot. We ask that you keep Colleen the priority and to understand that if she is sleeping, visitors will not be allowed. You are welcome to come in and visit with family, but she will not be woken up. The hospice people suggested we offer people the ability to write letters and send cards. Her nurses are worried that if she becomes tired and short of breath that she might panic. If you would like her address, please email me at She loves all the flowers and cards that have been sent so far. We appreciate them too.

Thank you for all your love and support!

  • Kelly Koch

    My heart goes out to you and your family. The gift of life and love that Colleen has given to her girls and extended family has definitely been demonstrated by all of you through this difficult journey.

  • Kat Bogdan Allen

    Sending positive thoughts and lost of love your way. Keep taking good care of each other. Kat & Charles Allen

  • Sue Erhard-Knick

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know how our loved Colleen is doing. All of my prayers & angels surround you all. Colleen, you are still my “sunshine” cousin with your smiling eyes!!! Love you…

  • Sherry Coltman

    Sending our warmest thoughts and prayers to sweet Colleen and the beautiful Druryfamily. Hàng strong and enjoy every precious minute that you have all together.

  • Kathy Wilson

    Billy, thank you for the update. Please know that Colleen and the family are in our prayers at the Wilson home. Cherious every minute you have with her and the family.
    All our love, Mike, Kathy and Lauren Wilson.

  • Tricia Ginis

    Sending hugs to all of you!

  • Bill Cundiff

    Billy; Please let Colleen know that Dawn and I are praying for her and her family. We have a deep admiration and respect for the bravery she has shown fighting this ugly disease.
    Love from the Cundiff’s Bill & Dawn

  • Jodie Nagy

    Thanks for taking the time to update the blog, Billy! Continuing to send strength and love your way, Colleen!