Colleen's Journey

Not getting any easier…

I wanted to update everyone.

Things are not good and are not getting better. Sorry about the lack of insight. When the girls have the time or energy, they will let everyone know more about the current situation. Currently, the girls have been spending their time supporting each other, family, and Colleen.

I want to personal thank Colleen’s hospice doctor, Rene. She has been amazing. We are so lucky to have someone that is close with Colleen taking care of her at this time. The hospice staff has asked us to limit visiting hours so that Colleen can get more rest. Please call one of the girls to confirm the hours before coming over.

We appreciate the love, prayers, and well wishes! Your response has been amazing.


  • Elayne

    Sending nothing but prayers and love to all of you.

  • Cindy Johnosn

    My thoughts and prayers are with all you girls and dear Colleen. I hope all the well-wishers give you the time and space with your Mom that you so need and the rest Col requires right now. I am with you all in sprirt! Love you!!